Linn-Pumpen GmbH

Linn-Pumpen GmbH Since 1960

Linn-Pumpen GmbH in Schalksmühle have acquired a reputation for providing expert solutions for the
transport and dosing of widely diverse fluids.

Our own research and the intelligent products resulting from this have continued to create more and more challenges which, over the years, have made us even more competent in finding the best solutions. Fluids of all kinds, both lubricating and non-lubricating, and even those containing solids, can be transported and dosed with LINN pumps. The technology and the types of pumps employed such as

Gear pumps
Rotor pumps
Centrifugal pumps

are independent of the application required and the fluid to be transported. The temperature of the fluid to be transported and dosed can range from minus 40° to more than 250° C. Fluids can be transported under varying pressures of up to 100 bar , exactly as you are accustomed to in your experience of day-to-day production.


The self-priming and the normal priming pumps are designed and manufactured according to your individual requirements. Pumps from Linn-Pumpen GmbH operate in all kinds of environment both inside and outside. There are also solutions for highly explosive environments. By specializing in customer specifications it has become possible to produce pumps as single items and in small series.

The high degree of accuracy in design and production is documented in the certification of Linn-Pumpen GmbH according to DIN EN ISO 9001 . As a result of our regular training and new developments our customers can be assured that the solutions provided will always be in line with the latest technology.

Great flexibility, a high degree of competence and perseverance together with an awareness of affordable prices can provide you the customer with the confidence that in Linn-Pumpen GmbH you have found the correct partner for the fast and effective implementation of your solution. The modular construction of the pumps enables relatively short delivery times . Our replacement and spare parts service operates mostly on a 24-hour basis.


Please contact us with your requirements.

* ill. pump without pump cover

Gear pumps:
Our self-priming gear pumps are applied for delivery from nearly all lubricating liquids

* ill. pump without pump cover

Centrifugal pumps :
Our normal-priming respectively self-priming centrifugal pumps are used for various industrial and other purposes.

* ill. pump without pump cover

Impeller pumps :
The main characteristic of this series of pumps is its exceptional versatility of use. Reverse flow mechanism.

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