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WGP - Submersible Pumps

for operation of two water features simultaneously

You may need to operate two features simultaneously, for example circulate water through a filter and a cascade at the same time. With other submersible pumps you will need to install complex pipe joints or buy two pumps.


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type WGP Submersible Pump

The BIG difference with the highly-reliable WGP pumps is their dual discharge; this feature allows you to operate two features with one pump and no hassle.

Ideal for use in waterfall and stream applications, this powerful direct drive pump features a unique dual discharge design for operation of two water features simultaneously. This pump is extremely versatile, able to be used vertically or horizontally

• Waterfall & Stream applications
• Circulation in filter systems
• Jumping wells
• supports two features at the same time
• Koi pond circulation
• General drainage

• Corrosion resistant body
• Environmentally safe, oil-less
• Cord Length 10m
• two 1-1/4" MNPT
• 1-1/4" MNPT discharge cap
• 1-1/4" barbed elbow adaptors
• Designed to operate continuously

Corrosion resistant body designed for non-potable submersible use
Powerful direct drive pump produces greater starting torque and flow pressure than comparable magnetic drive submersible pumps
Unique dual discharge design allows for operation of two water features simultaneously
Includes two 1-1/4" MNPT x 1-1/4" barbed elbow adaptor and a 1-1/4" MNPT discharge cap

Performance ( n ≈ 2850 1/min )


Type WGP-55 WGP-65 WGP-75 WGP-95
max. flow (l/h) 4000 7600 10000 14800
delivery height 1 m (l/h) 3420 7200 9400 13630
delivery height 3 m (l/h)   2080 3785 6850 10978
delivery height 6 m (l/h) - 200 2150 6000
height (m) 5,5 6,1 7,3 8,1
watts 220 270 370 700
amps 1,0 1,15 1,7 3,3
weight (kg) 4,1 4,1 5,0 6,4
outlet size (2x) 1¼" BSP 1¼" BSP 1¼" BSP 1¼" BSP
dimensions (H x L x W) 206x243x161,3 206x243x161,3 206x243x161,3 203x279x161,3
Protection IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68

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