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Brass Flexible Impeller Pump


MAG Impellerpumpe mit Tragegriff

· Handles hard or soft solids
· Tolerates abrasive wear
· Non pulsating flow
· Handles viscosities up to 500 cP
· Uses standard IEC motor

Typical Applications
• Industrial : Industrial filling systems, Utility shop pump, Transfer systems, Recharge water softeners, Sump emptying, Cooling tower circulation, Line cleaning, Heat exchangers, Air scrubbers, Processing systems, Laboratory circulation and Oil changing.
• Plumbing : Emptying clogged drains, Pump out water closets and Empty sumps, sinks & tubs.
• Contractors : Cement mixing, Wash down equipment, Empty basements and Fill & empty tanks.
• Agricultural : Fill water tanks, Flush animal pens and Pumping water for livestock.
• Food & Beverage : Vending machines, Refrigeration condensate pump out, Wash down equipment and Floor cleaning.

Explosion hazard. Do not pump gasoline, solvents, thinners or other flammable liquids. To do so can cause an explosion resulting in injury or death.


Part Material
Pump Head Brass
Impeller Neoprene (Temperature range :+4 to +80°C)
Nitril (Temperature range: +10 to +90°C)
Shaft Stainless steel, shaft extension


B5-M4 E5-M4 F5-M4
Bronze Impellerpumpe Baugrösse 20 Bronze Impellerpumpe Baugrösse 40 Bronze Impellerpumpe Baugrösse 80
Impeller Flow max. pressure Impeller Flow max. pressure Impeller Flow max. pressure
Neoprene 20 l/min 3,0 bar Neoprene 38 l/min 3,0 bar Neoprene 75 l/min 3,0 bar
Nitrile 20 l/min 3,0 bar Nitrile 38 l/min 3,0 bar Nitrile 75 l/min 3,0 bar
Self prime from dry up to 3,0 metres

Dimensions and weights

Typ Dimensions approx. (mm) Ports
B5-M4 272 170 171 18 mm 7,1
E5-M4 333 168** 180 26 mm 9,5
F5-M4 372 168** 212 1" 15

Subject to change!
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